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From chemistry to blackjack: a lifetime of playing it right

He says they would join a table separately, giving no clue they knew each other. Henry would flat-bet while keeping track of the count, and Linda would be laughing, talking and seemingly not paying attention to the cards. When the count was right, Henry would signal her to increase her bet. “Back then, women could get away with a lot more than men (in varying their bets),” he says. “We did that for a long time.” Tamburin's blackjack writings address advanced advantage play such as team play and hole-carding, but he is especially strong in explaining basic strategy and card counting. “Henry has written extensively about how to play better,” Curtis says. “If you're doing it for fun and you can save money, that's a win.” Tamburin says that as casinos spread throughout the country, gambling has become an accepted form of entertainment. “When I used to go in the '70s, I wouldn't tell my coworkers or close friends. They would have been like, ‘You're gambling? Oh, my God!' “Casino gambling has gone mainstream.

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